Product Templates

Templates are available to help you create a flawless design every time! Check back often to make sure you are using the most up-to-date templates available. Last modified date of template is noted below next to each template so you can feel confident you are using the most current template available every single time.

Trim/Score/Perf Templates

TSP templates show you where the die cut lines, fold scores and perforations will land on your design, to ensure your artwork is aligned correctly.

Imprint Area Templates

These templates show the maximum imprint area on specific products.

Design Templates

Laser cut stationery is complicated to design for so we offer a collection of stock laser cut designs to add to your digital artwork. We also offer a collection of stock foil designs, for a more economical foil option than custom foil. Clicking a link below will download a folder with all the stock design templates, which are watermarked for copyright protection.

Art Print Templates