Josh’s Favorite Print Process: Letterpress

Letterpress is my favorite printing process because it’s timeless and it feels as elegant as it looks. Here are 3 reasons I think it’s the best!

1. The letterpress printing process adds dimension to an invitation, which digital cards just don’t have. You can literally feel each letter pressed into the stock, which really makes these invitations stand out when compared to most cards you receive.

2. Letterpress is actually stamped into the paper, which lends an embossed look that reacts to light and shows depth in the card. It is often printed on thicker stocks (usually cotton), which adds to the appeal.

3. Knowing how old the process of letterpress is, and knowing that it is still being done in the traditional way, makes me appreciate how good it looks even more. As printing technology continues to give us new capabilities, letterpress stands the test of time and continues to be a uniquely beautiful style of printing.

Years at The Occasions Group: 5 years
Favorite Print Process: Letterpress
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